Definition of Wedding Planner

May 18, 2017

Definition of Wedding Planner

In this article, we will explain the job of a Wedding Planner and define their role in the organization of a wedding.

The occupation of wedding planner is one of the new careers that arouses great enthusiasm among many people. It is part of those new services emerging and there is a whole new market to be built. The demand increases year after year and exceeds the supply.


Definition of Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is an event project manager specialized in the field of weddings. He or She is defined as a person who offers support and coaching in the organization of weddings.

Defining this trendy business

This job is acclaimed by many people for its hedonistic side tied to the will to please. Organizing a wedding as well as offering support and advice, generate a lot of satisfaction. But the fancy and glamorous sides are not the only things that define the job of a wedding planner. There are a whole lot of difficult tasks that need to be accomplished, the reality of the responsibilities and all the issues that arise can quickly make you lower your sights. The role of the wedding planner will be to solve the problems of the bride and groom, vendors and venue owners or managers. The wedding planner also has to manage all the unexpected events to offer a perfect wedding. In other words, it is not always simple.

Defining the Role of the Wedding Planner

The wedding planner is defined by various successive activities that he or she will plan and supervise throughout the year.

First and foremost, it is their main role to advise and support the newlyweds.

The wedding planner must listen attentively to the wishes of the bride and groom. Little by little and after a few meetings and exchange of emails, the elements mentioned will allow the wedding planner to identify the expectations, dreams, desires and personality of the clients. At the end of the initial consultation, the wedding planner must be able to propose a wedding project to their image.

In order to fit the budget of the clients, it is necessary to negotiate the rates with the vendors that the wedding planner will have had selected at the time of the creation of his or her address book. The wedding planner will then accompany the clients to all the meetings with the vendors, from the venue visit to the scenographic design of their event.

The wedding planner must also guide the future spouses in the administrative formalities, so he or she must be well informed about the various procedures of religious ceremonies, formalities at the courthouse and have some knowledge about prenuptial agreements in order to guide them and answer their questions.

On the D-Day, the wedding planner coordinates all the teams present at the event, manages the unexpected incidents, delays and cancellations, so that the clients do not have to worry about anything on this very special day.

The wedding planner can also submit original or trendy ideas to guide the future spouses. But in no case he or she will have to decorate the space unless the wedding planner is also trained to be a wedding designer.

Being a wedding planner is an activity that requires a lot of maturity. The person in charge of the wedding will be the coordinator of the event and to be successful in this trade, you must have strong shoulders. Obviously, organizing events is not something that can be improvised, one must be prepared well before starting this activity.

Being prepared to work in the wedding planning business

To be successful and to excel in this field, it is essential to be trained in marketing, entrepreneurship and communication. A wedding planner may be very good at organizing weddings, but if they do not know how to promote their business, there will not be any potential clients calling and / or will have a fairly low conversion rate. It is necessary to establish an effective marketing strategy to face the competition and persuade new clients to hire you.

Get the right training

To become a wedding planner, training is necessary. We have created the Wedding Academy because we are committed to train and teach all the techniques of organization and elaboration of a project in order to professionalize the future wedding planner in the best conditions. As you know, organizing events cannot be improvised and for this reason we have created the Wedding Academy. Our quality charter is based on this very principle.

The members of the WEDDING EXPERT and WEDDING DESIGNER label, undertake to follow 7 golden rules to guarantee that their business will provide a service of excellence.

At the moment there is no diploma recognized by the State because the profession is still far too recent. Although, a certificate can be issued by our training agency, which will allow the future wedding planners to be highly recognized in the field. Before becoming a wedding planner, it is important to get this certificate because it allows you to acquire certain skills to organize weddings but also to obtain support and credit. It will set you apart from the competitors and help you succeed in this business.

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