Wedding Planner: How to get the medias talk about you?

March 23, 2017

Wedding Planner: How to get the medias talk about you?

This is a question that many wedding planners and / or Designers have already asked themselves one day during their professional career.

To attract journalists' interest is no small matter ... From the message to be conveyed to the writing of a press release and the creation of a media contacts database, getting the medias talk about you is an art to itself.

1 / Defining the terminologies

First, it is necessary to differentiate communication (advertising) and information (article of press). The word Information, in journalism, refers to any knowledge of a story that has been verified, validated, in opposition to a rumor, a hoax. The word Communication, meanwhile, refers to any speech that has been produced for specific purposes, to sell a product or service.

To summarize, the information refers to the interest that you "naturally" aroused for a publisher, the article that will be devoted to you will be authentic to what you represent from a journalistic and not a marketing or political point of view. In other words, you do not have control over what will be told about you whereas the communication is a strategic technique calculated by the head of the company where everything communicated is used for commercial purposes.

2 / Why target the press

Obtaining the publication of an article in your regional daily newspaper, a magazine or a blog comes from an editorial decision that will not cost you a penny! A good journalist will look for an interesting story to tell, and will be more interested in your profile, your activity, the originality of your weddings, your photoshoots, your services ... than your wallet.

And it is because it will be written at the discretion of the editor that the effect that will ensue will be noticeable in your career as a wedding planner. A publication (which in this case is the result of the journalist’s work) will be effective and lead to a better positioning of the company in the minds of the readers. Therefore, you get a more important place on the wedding market, improve your credibility and seem much more authentic and true than when you seek to impose your existence through a communication made of "approximate truths.”

3 / How ?

The information you have to provide must be rewarding and credible to awaken the curiosity of journalists. It takes ideas, authenticity and a strong story to get a journalist’s interest in your business.”

There is no need to contact an editorial office if you do not have relevant information to provide. For example, you may want to reach out to them because you have a genius idea in terms of specialization or diversification for a commercial service to come, a new product; you organized an eccentric photoshoot in an unusual place or because you are THE wedding planner selected to organize a huge event for a celebrity or a big company ... You can also invite journalists and influencers to the inauguration party of your agency ... In short the possibilities are endless, and it will be up to you to judge if your ideas and your profile will arouse interest or not.”

You need to be hard-hitting in your way of communicating. We must avoid giving too many elements, at the risk of drowning the main information and losing the interest of the journalist who gives it little time. Your presentation should be clear: company logo, date, title of the release, sober title and airy text. Refine the writing of your press release, opt for a readable font, be selective in the choice of your pictures, catch the eye and arouse interest very quickly, the first 20 seconds of a reading being decisive. For maximum efficiency, do not hesitate to mention the current trends, such as organic fashion or elopement (secretly getting married abroad).”

4 / Who ?

Targeting the right media is an essential point if you want journalists and influencers to talk about you. To do so, you must create an Excel file and list all the medias of interest on a local and national level. For each of them, indicate their editorial line, their target, their number of readers, their position on the market.... Bloggers, wedding magazines, newspapers, radio stations, websites ... You can contact the media you are interested in by email, mail or phone. When you send your press release, try to personalize it with the name of the journalist or editor who will read it.”

To get the contact information of the journalists, you have two solutions: you can find them yourself or you can buy them. In the first case, a quick search in the magazines or on the Internet may be enough. In the targeted magazines, look for the masthead. It is a page at the beginning or at the end of the magazine that lists the names and contact details of the editors and participating journalists. On the Internet, look for the “contact us” link. You can also buy a journalists database online.”

Do not hesitate to follow up with the journalists by phone but do not harass them, give them about 4 to 6 days to answer you. Stay available for them and be ready to be interviewed !”


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