{Pro Tips} The Real Good Reasons to Have a Blog

May 18, 2017

{Pro Tips} The Real Good Reasons to Have a Blog

Reliable and interactive, today the blog is a simple and effective way to communicate your business, increase your reputation in the wedding planning world and boost your identity as an expert in the field. That alone!

Interactive and effective communication

This way of communication turn your company into a creditable business; it highlights your expertise and focuses on your role as a planner and / or designer advisor. More and more prospective futures spouses and wedding savvies are interested in the foundation of your expertise than in the shaping of your interests in communication.

Let me explain: promotional communication published in the form of commercial brochures, or even in the form of a direct sale of your services on a wedding fair is a powerful marketing tool that serves to promote in a calculated form your business.

On the other hand, non-promotional communication, such as blog articles or the press, seems to those who follow you to be a more spontaneous and authentic act. Therefore, the sensitivity of the readers and their attention to you increase.

The more you try to reach your followers, give them the opportunity to contact you, let them give their opinion and share your advices on your blog or on social networks, the more significant information you will have about them. The blog is inevitably the most valuable source of information for your business. Having a blog will allow you to focus your followers’ attention on your services and target them more precisely and efficiently.

Improve your SEO ranking

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Information and professional advice don’t only strengthen your positioning; writing a blog gives an extraordinary power to the natural referencing of your website. Indeed, search engines are very reactive with content actualization, changes on your web pages, mention of your agency name on social networks or other internet medias related to your blog’s articles. The referencing of your agency can even be consequential as you can suddenly find your website on the first page of Google or other search engines, while you were only in the third shortly before. Changes in your rank as a wedding planner and / or designer can be spectacular, just by managing a blog. Interesting, qualitative content is one of the most important keys in SEO, at least over time, because by regularly publishing tips on trends or tricks to properly organize your weddings, you will increase your citation count.

However, there is a drawback with this strategy. As efficient as communicating your advices or your inspirations can be, more and more competitors are using the same strategy. The battle can be an endless fight of who will take the first place! Especially as some agencies publish up to 2 articles per week! A considerable amount of time that few agency directors can devote to their blog or website. They are usually very busy with weddings organization, appointments or decoration.

Set up a strategy in your editorial work

There are plenty of tricks to keep up with full-time bloggers.

The articles

Firstly, it is important not to build your strategy on the writing only. A wedding planner and / or designer who uses too much text can scare the reader or worse, make them fall asleep and lose a follower. So be careful not to overdo it and know the difference between “too few” and "too much" information. The idea here is to publish a maximum of pictures in your articles. Not only this strategy will save you a considerable time in your writing, but in addition, the photos will catch the eye of your readers 2 times more than a written text. If, for example, you are talking about decoration, the pictures alone will be much more relevant than a text that describes the elements of your scenographic concept. It is better not to try to describe in depth a mood-board like a novelist. In our profession, visual is more important than textual.

The consistency of your articles

It is more skillful to be selective in your publications and suggest a quality article to your readers without mixing genres. It will be necessary to find the subject that your readers will be interested in and what will bring added value to their personal life in order to enhance your expertise and your positioning. Always related to the trends of the moment.

For example, you might pass up on some readers if you publish a summer decoration article during Christmas! You have to publish the right article at the right time and at the right place. This rule of communication for blogs is the same as for promotional marketing, so, do not neglect it!

Choose and share your articles on social networks

To draw attention on you and your blog, it is important not to neglect social networks. First of all, because they offer you the opportunity to be seen regularly on the virtual sphere and boost your notoriety, but also because it is a universe that allows you to target primarily the profiles that show an interest in weddings and in the wedding planner and / or designer activity.

All these tricks will allow you to improve your communication related to your wedding planner / designer activity and thus gain credibility. See how important it is to devote a few hours a week to your communication!

Now you have all the tools to run your blog and boost your notoriety! Now let’s start typing!


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