'Snow White' inspiration photoshoot from the Wedding Planner Class of January in Paris

May 16, 2017 2 Comments

'Snow White' inspiration photoshoot from the Wedding Planner Class of January in Paris

Modern times

The day of the reunion of Snow White and her beloved has arrived. The princess enjoys the breeze on the patio while opening the cage to free her friends, the birds.

Surprised by a door squeak, our modern-day Princess enters a magnificent room, both enchanting and mysterious. She doesn't know that her devilish mother-in-law, who is viciously jealous of her, filled the room with evil traps to finally get rid of the one she hates so much.

Once inside, she finds seven little lanterns and a few miner's hat left on the ground, as well as a basket upside down, leaving a swarm of apples.

Intrigued, she looks around the room and sees a bookcase on which are placed a sublime bright red apple and intriguing book of magic spells.

The young lady lies comfortably on the bed and goes through the books filled with strange recipes.

Mysterious flasks and other potions are placed on a dresser, sometimes mortal, concocted by the care of her ugly mother-in-law.

Snow White approaches the wardrobe irresistibly. A hand comes out and invites her to munch this beautiful, red shiny apple, which will kill her from the first bite.

Will she resist ?

Congratulations to the students of the Wedding Academy: Djamila M’MADI, Marie- Céline GLEMET, Carole-Anne TIBERTI, Chloé DE PASSORIO PEYSSARD, Christelle DURIEZ, Elodie SEILLIER, Émilie DETE, Marilyn PALOS, Charlotte ASSENZA, Christina HAAG.

Thank you to all our partners:

Photographer : Florian Joseh Agathe Photography

Videographer : Djamily Farouk

Space : Hotel Da Vinci

Wedding Gown : Fanny Liautard & Etienne Jeanson

Accessories Designer : Maison Udjuwa

Shoes : Annabel Winship

Model : Tyfene Mouton Dris

Make Up Artist : Liilyn makeup nails

Hairstylist : Dessange Saint Germain des près

Decorative items : Les bulles de bonheur

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