Could you explain to me what are the differences between all your trainings in seminar?

The Wedding Planner Expert training is the ideal training to become an accomplished professional of wedding organization and build your own business. This rich and intense training lasts 2 weeks and will allow you to be completely autonomous and to create your own wedding planning agency. The first week you will be trained in organizing weddings from A to Z, you will learn how to select and create your vendors address book, as well as setting your fees. The second week, you will be trained in business creation and communication. You will put in place an effective marketing strategy to face the competition and learn the best methods to persuade your clients. During these 2 weeks you will also be sensitized to entertainments, the layout and the transformations of the space to be independent during the consultation with your clients. And finally, you will organize an inspirational photo shoot with your team to apply what you’ve learnt. You can keep the photos and use them later for your portfolio or website.

The Wedding Designer training lasts 2 weeks and is a practical course to become a professional in design and event scenography. You will discover all the aspects of this job in order to perfect yourself in design and event scenography. You will learn how to make a mood- board and color palettes on Photoshop, you will discover the art of drawing and sketching as well as using the 3D Event software to make professional quotes. You will realize your own floral arrangements with two Floral Art workshops and organize a great inspirational photo shoot at the end of the course. This training is intended to Wedding Planners and Designers already in business and who wish to further develop.

The Wedding Expert + combines the Wedding Expert and Wedding Designer trainings. This is our most complete training. You will acquire all the skills to become a great Wedding Planner and Wedding Designer. You will discover all the aspects of both jobs in order to offer more services to your clients and increase the profitability of your business.

This long (4 weeks) and very comprehensive training is intended for future entrepreneurs who wish to offer a complete service in order to stand out from the competition!

 Is it possible to attend the Wedding Designer training without necessarily having done the Wedding Planner training?

Yes it is absolutely possible to attend the Wedding Designer training without going through the Wedding Planner one, however I strongly recommend you to take the Wedding Expert Designer course as it is essential to be learn about marketing, business creation and communication in order to succeed and excel in your business. You may be the best Designer of the world, but if you don’t know how to sell your business you will not have any clients or a low conversion rate. This Wedding Expert Designer training will allow you to set up an effective marketing strategy to face the competition and to persuade new clients.

 Does the price indicated on your website include the materials?

Yes, absolutely everything is included in the price. Although, to brighten up your photo shoot, it is sometimes interesting to add some accessories. Plan a budget of $20 for the purchase of small decorative accessories that you will keep at the end of the training. Keep in mind that you get to keep the pictures and that you can use them later on for your portfolio or website. The floral expenses are taken care of by the Wedding Academy.

 What are the payment terms?

You can either pay in full and benefit from reduced costs, or you can pay in 4 or 8 times for our video trainings.

 In what form does the final examination take place?

The final exam is in the form of a MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions). You will have to answer to 150 questions. For the video trainings, the exam takes place directly online.

 What is the value of the Wedding Planner / Designer certificate?

There is currently no Wedding Planner school that offers a state degree because this job is still far too recent. However, our certification is highly recognized in the world of wedding, and we are the reference among many wedding planning agencies.

 Is the Wedding Planner market saturated?

In the United States, more than 80% of weddings have been organized by a wedding planner. The future newlyweds really appreciate the help of a professional for their expertise and their eye for detail. Thanks to word of mouth, TV shows, wedding fairs ... more and more brides and grooms feel the need to hire a wedding planner. They do not want to bother with the organization of their special day. They want a perfect wedding and enjoy the celebrations. Even if you get the impression that there is a lot of Wedding Planners in your area already, there will be proportionately more and more, as the number of clients increases. The market is not saturated. Some will act like they are professional wedding planners, while they did not take the time to train correctly. They usually don’t last long on the market. Others are able to make a living out of their business.




What is the educational level required to integrate the training?

Our trainings are open to anyone who is motivated and has a strong desire to become a Wedding Planner / Designer. From experience, we know that those without a degree are as likely to succeed as those who have an educational background. Our doors are open to anyone serious and motivated.



What is the difference between distance training and seminar training? Are the programs the same?

The theoretical program is exactly the same for both video and seminar trainings. The only difference is that it will be difficult for you to participate in our distance workshops as well as the D-Day coordination! However, you can sign up for our floral art and drawing workshops and participate in a D-Day coordination with an experienced wedding planner.

Can I add a workshop and / or the D-Day coordination to my training? What are the rates ?

To improve your training, you can register for our floral art and drawing workshops and participate in a D-Day coordination with an experienced wedding planner. All you have to do is sign up and add the option to your cart. The contract can be downloaded at the bottom of our website (supplement of $100 per workshop).

How can I access to the videos? Can I watch them again as much as I want?

After your enrollment, we will send you your login information with direct access to the video platform. You will be able to learn from home and at your own pace. No need to go anywhere or take days off. You can connect at any time and watch the videos at will. You can start your training at any time of the year. the courses, worksheets and tools can be downloaded on your private platform below each video.

Do I have a time limit to take the exam?

You will be able to take the exam at the most appropriate time, according to your schedule. You will be completely free to take the exam whenever you want!


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