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Interview with the agency Mademoiselle Juliette


Wedding Academy - Interview of the month


One year after the creation of her agency, one of our former students, Juliette Pizon, has established herself and made a place in the world of weddings as a Wedding Expert. She attended our seminar training Wedding Expert +

We are proud to present Mademoiselle Juliette, who has totally succeeded in surpassing and realizing her dream thanks to all the tools she learnt from the Academy.

Here is the beautiful success story of Mademoiselle Juliette :

Wedding Academy: A little over a year ago you decided to change your life. You came to Paris to attend the Wedding Expert + seminar, why did you make this choice?

After searching for the right training for a long time, the Wedding Academy seemed to be the school of reference to become an excellent Wedding Planner & Designer. It was very important for me to follow the best and most comprehensive training in order to offer a high quality service to the future bride and groom I’d be working with. Today, thanks to this diploma "Wedding Expert +" and the "Wedding Planner" and "Wedding designer” labels, I ensure a certain credibility regarding the clients and vendors.


Wedding Academy - Sucess Story


Wedding Academy: Can you tell us about your career path? When did you establish your business, how many weddings have you worked on, anecdotes...?

The agency Mademoiselle Juliette was created two weeks before the Caribbean wedding fair in March 2016. I confess that it was a total chaos. Nothing was ready and I had no communication support to present to the future spouses (logo, business card, website, portfolio, flyers...). The only items I had were my vendors address book, the worksheets provided by the Wedding Academy that I had already adapted for weddings in Guadeloupe and a presentation sheet that I’ve worked on while in training. Emma was totally right by saying that it is very important to participate to the wedding fairs in your area. Thanks to this first show, I had the opportunity to book several interviews with the local news. I participated to the television program “Us Women” from Channel 10 and had an article in “France-Antilles" magazine. I started getting a place in the world of wedding organizations in Guadeloupe.

Weddings organized: While I was working on the creation of my business, I had the opportunity to provide my services as a designer for three weddings. I was hired as an independent contractor by other agencies in Guadeloupe. Two of them were entirely customized weddings and I coordinated the third one. I have a few weddings that I am working on for 2017 and 2018.

My best anecdote: The bride and groom had entered the villa with a round of applause from their guests. I was standing right outside the door, I thanked the driver and gave him the authorization to leave when I heard the bride shouting "Juliette, Juliette!”. I started stressing out and thinking that there must be a problem! I ran toward her with a ball in my stomach.She was looking at me with a big smile and told me "Juliette the decoration is beautiful!”. Then the parents and the guests all came to congratulate me. The pressure was gone. It was such a satisfaction to have made my clients happy! It's just the most incredible moment in my life.


Wedding Academy - Sucess Story


Wedding Academy: What are your next projects?

I plan to continue developing my agency, Mademoiselle Juliette, and to become the leader on the market of Wedding Planner & Designer in Guadeloupe; just like “Exclusive Wedding” is in Toulouse, France. I would also like to improve my skills with each wedding, to offer the best of me to the bride and groom and one day, realize exceptional weddings as the biggest Wedding Planner & Designer in the United States.

I also plan on getting back to training, to excel in organization and design.

If I get to realize of all these projects, I could acquire the "Gold label" from the Wedding Academy.


Wedding Academy - Sucess Story


Wedding Academy: What did you learn from the Wedding Academy?

With the Wedding Expert + seminar from the Wedding Academy I acquired knowledge, confidence and I was be able to make my dreams a reality. If the agency Mademoiselle Juliette exists today, it is mainly thanks to this training. It offers all the tools to start you own business as a Wedding Planner & Designer, upon graduation.


Wedding Academy: Can you describe your project before and after the training?

The wedding’s universe has always fascinated me, I think I can say that I have always planned to be a professional in this field. When I was 18, I left Guadeloupe to attend an Art school in Bordeaux, France, in order to graduate as a fashion designer and then create my own line of wedding gowns. Unfortunately, the clash of cultures and the life away from my family was very hard and resulted in a quicker than expected return to square one (laughter). When I returned to Guadeloupe, I remember spending a week in front of my computer trying to learn all about the different jobs related to wedding. That's when the Wedding Planner & Designer job seemed to me to be obvious. A few days later, I contacted a Wedding Planning agency and ask them if I could do an internship to learn more about this job. This is how I had my first experience in this marvelous world of weddings. The director of the agency assigned me to the management of vendors search and wedding design of a dozen of weddings in less than six months. Everything went perfectly well, we had planned to continue this collaboration and I was supposed to get a bachelor degree in communication to gain more skills. Unfortunately, everything stopped when the agency relocated to Paris. I had start all over again! I confess that I was completely lost at the time, I really did not know if the Wedding Planner & Designer job was right for me. So I went back to studying and obtained my bachelor degree in communication. This past year, I lost my dad and I kept remembering his words in my head "if you want to open your own business of Wedding Planner, I would be there for you" ... it may be stupid but this allowed me to believe again in my project, and in December I began my research to integrate the best school of Wedding Planner in order to be able to open my own agency in Guadeloupe. My dream started at the Pointe-à-Pitre airport on Tuesday, October 10, 2015, when I took a flight to Paris to attend the Wedding Expert + training at the Wedding Academy to become a Wedding Planner & Designer.

Thank you to Juliette for all these beautiful compliments ... we are proud to count her among the former students of the Wedding Academy. We wish her many dreams, achievements and fun for the years to come.


Wedding Academy - Thank you !


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