Wedding Planner Course

DURATION : 1 weeks (40 hours) from Monday 9:30am to Friday 5:30pm

MATERIAL NEEDED : A laptop, pens

Our certification is highly renown to in the world of event planning. After the completion of this course, you will gain the knowledge and experience needed to be recognized from vendors and clients as a leading event professional. Our trainings offer advice from industry professionals with years of experience, as well as provide you with the tools such as templates of contracts and recourses to help kickstart a successful business!

Wedding Planner Course Classes & Certification

If you’ve got a passion for people and a thorough eye for detail, why not consider a career as a wedding planner? Wedding Academy offers premium wedding planner courses & classes in Miami FL, NYC, Los Angeles CA & Chicago IL. Learn all the skills and tricks required to succeed in the wedding planning industry. The wedding planner certification course has been designed by professionals and experts from the wedding planning industry. Become a certified wedding planner today.

What is a Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner is an event project manager specialized in the field of weddings. She/He is a person who offers support and coaching in the organization of weddings. She/He will be leading the event and to be successful in this job it is necessary to have strong shoulders.


Wedding Academy - Role of the Wedding Planner

The Role of the Wedding Planner

Study the specifications.

Advise and support the newlyweds.

Identify the expectations, wishes and personality of the bride and groom to propose a wedding project in their image.

Respect the budget of the bride and groom, negotiate rates with vendors.

Organize and manage all the technical logistics of the event.

Coordinate all the teams present at the wedding and manage the unexpected on the Day-Off.

Wedding Planner Salary

United States Australia United Kingdom Western Europe
According to recent data,

the salary is from $42,000- $120,000 + based on the location and years of experience.

The Wedding Planner in Australia earns an average of $4,400 per month. The salary of a beginner in the field earns £17,000 to £21,000 per year. After several years of experience, the Wedding Planner can earn between £25,000 to £40,000 per year. After 2 or 3 years of experience, the salary of a French Wedding Planner can reach 2,000€ to 3,500€ per month.

The Wedding Planner Training Cost : $ 2,000 ($2,200 in 2 payments or installments / $2,300 in 3 payments or installments)

DURATION : 1 week (40 hours) Monday-Friday / 9:30am-5:30pm


The Wedding Planner training is the ideal training to become an accomplished professional in wedding organization. In this rich and intense training, you will be trained in organizing weddings from A to Z in technical and logistical terms, you will also learn how to select and create your vendors address book, as well as to define your fees. During those week you will also learn about the different types of entertainment, the layout and the transformation of the space in order to be ready for your consultations with your clients.


Training Dates

Upcoming Training Dates for Wedding Planner Classes: Miami, NYC, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles).


Address : 1395 Brickell Avenue, Miami FL 33131


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Address : 183 Madison Avenue, New York


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Address : 125 S. Clark , Chicago


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Address : 1540 7th Street, Santa Monica


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The Program



Presentation of the Business & the Wedding Market


    - The wedding market
    - The Wedding Planners market
    - Wedding in other countries (Europe & Latin America)
    - Being a Wedding Planner
    - The pros and cons of this job
    - Work space
    - Wedding traditions
    - The wedding components
    - Etiquette for Invitations

    MODULE 2

    Creation of the Address Book

    Wedding Academy - Creation of the address book

      - Research of the venue
      - The reception tents
      - Other providers: caterer, DJ, florist, photographer, videographer, etc
      - Finalize your address book
      - Building your team and create a partnership list




      MODULE 3

      Wedding Organization from A to Z

      Wedding Academy - Meeting & Event Planning

        - Before signing the contract
        - The first contact at the wedding fair
        - The initial consultation with the client
        - Make an estimate and a wedding budget
        - Contract signature
        - Lead-up timeline meeting
        - Meeting with the different vendors: the venue,the caterer,the DJ,photographer, florist, videographer...etc.
        - Define the menus
        - Define and calculate the quantities of drink servings




        MODULE 4

        Wedding Organization & Entertainment

        Wedding Academy - Event organization & Entertainment

          - Catering entertainment
          - Organization of musical entertainment
          - Children activities
          - Other magical and festive activities for the event
          - Musical entertainment
          - Coordination Day-Off meeting
          - Realization of a Day-Off schedule 


          MODULE 5

          Set up and Transformation of the Space

          Wedding Academy - Set up and transformation of the space

            - Organizing the space
            - Table layout
            - The different types of chairs
            - Choosing between doing your own Decor
            - Art of the table
            - Stationary
            - The process



            MODULE 6




              - The wedding ceremonies
              - The prenuptial agreements
              - Religious weddings - Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish
              - Search for ceremony venue
              - The secular ceremony
              - Venue and decoration
              - Ceremony set up


              MODULE 7

              Appearance Counseling for the Bride

              Wedding Academy - Appearance counseling for the bride

                - Beauty countdown
                - Fittings with the bride
                - Advice for the bride and the groom's attire
                - Choice of the gown according to the body type
                - Different types of low neck
                - The bridal hairstyle
                - Choice of makeup style according to the skin tone, eyes color and the gown
                - Survival kit for the Day-Off



                Being a Wedding Planner is a learning activity that also requires a lot of maturity. Indeed, the person in charge of the wedding will be the conductor of the event and to be successful in this profession one must have strong shoulders. So if you are born a leader, you have a strong taste for the organization of events, you are emphatic and you have an excellent sense of the relational, this training is for you!

                To integrate our training, no educational level is required. Your motivation, your involvement and your qualities are enough to be trained at our training school. However, a background in the field of events can be a real plus in order to understand the requirements and the reality of the profession.


                You can benefit from reduced rates and easy terms of payment. They are listed below.


                Our Educational Assets

                • Follow-up of your project after the training and for life

                • A practical Day-Off course offered!

                • Client consultation and vendors worksheets included

                • Contracts, estimates, order form, lead-up timeline & checklist provided

                • Access to a private group where you can exchange and ask your questions to experienced Wedding Planners

                • Theoretical and practical course, seen during the seminar, provided in PDF

                • Certificate of Wedding Planner following successful completion of the final exam


                At the end of your training, if you pass your final exam, you will get your Wedding Planner Certificate!

                Our certification, highly recognized in the world of wedding planning, will allow you to be a reference to your vendors and to offer a service of excellence to your clients.

                The WEDDING PLANNER Label will allow you to be renowned in the world of wedding's and will assure to your bride and groom a service of high quality and excellent professionalism.


                Day-Off Course

                The Day-Off practical course at a real wedding is an immersion in the reality of the field and allows you to acquire a solid experience in terms of organization, coordination and logistics.

                What's better than attending a real wedding, supervised by an experienced wedding planner and discovering what’s behind the scenes of the wedding and the work of the partners to put into practice what you have learned during your training?


                A Follow-up for Life

                At the end of your training, the Wedding Academy will be by your side to help and support you as part of the follow-up of your business project and in your career path.

                Your correspondents will closely follow your career in event planning and will answer all your questions after your training throughout the life of your business.

                Wedding Academy - A Follow up for Life

                Payment plan

                Payment plan

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                Wedding Planner Course near me

                "Wedding Designer Course" will be online by late 2020. All others training are coming soon!

                Thank you for your patience and understanding :)

                Wedding Academy USA Team